Sounds of the South West

Sounds of the South West

Sounds of the South West returns tomorrow morning thanks to Ausmic pest control - 

"Nobody likes the sound of creepy crawlies, but everyone loves this Sound, for Ausmic pest control”

List of things it's not


- Pouring out gravel on the Collie Motoplex
- Putting a card in a atm machine in Eaton 
- Scrunching up cellophane 
- Holding a handful of spaghetti and breaking it in half in Margaret River 
- A fire crackling at the Shamrock Hotel in Greenbushes 
- Allan ripping off his band aids at the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse 
- the merry go round at the apple park in Donnybrook
- A horse trotting near the Bunbury Trotting Club 
- A mouse in a mouse trap in the Triple M studio
- Sound of apple falling form a tree in Manjimup 
- Reheating food in a microwave in Boyanup
- Running over bubble wrap in my chair
- Squeezing a lemon onto some fish and chips in Augusta 
- Dropping a marble on the giant slide in Manjimup 
- Flicking a deck of cards in Capel
- A seagull walking across the top of the street patrol at Bunbury Back Beach
- Tapping the table with your fingers 
- A takeaway container being opened in Busselton on queen street 
- Molten Metal hitting the ground in an engineering shop 
- Cracking pepper at the Manjimup Hotel 
- Opening a container of cheese at Cambray cheese in Nannup 
- A record player needle 
- Slapping your thigh 
- Fireworks in Bunbury 
- Popcorn popping at Orana Cinema in Busselton 
- Tapping finger nails on a glass table 
- Opening a bag of bread in front of the Tinderbox in Balingup
- Rain on the top of an umbrella in Binningup
- Cracking a wattle bottle in Capel 
- Flipping the pagers on a menu at Tall Timbers in Manjimup
- A dog peeing on the wheels of the street patrol on the Bunbury foreshore 
- The sounds of bugs running away from Ausmic Pest Control
- Dropping water droplets in Capel
- Popping some bubble wrap in Donnybrook 
- Allan tapping his fingers on some paper on a desk in the Triple M office




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