Locals Stoked With The New Hermit Park Playground

Check it out today!

Locals Stoked With The New Hermit Park Playground

At the corner of Sturges and Mark Street in Hermit Park there's some new shiny equipment that has little AND big kids excited! 

Corcoran Park is open now with a heap of features that will give you hours of free entertainment. 

The FULL FENCED fun zone features:
- Fort with slide, rock climbing wall, rope climb and low entertainment for little ones
- Large rope climb with balancing apparatus 
- Dule set with toddler seat
- Race car seesaw 
- Round swing seat
- Round-a-bout
- 2 gazebos with bench and seats
- BBQ facility
- Waste bins
- Drinking fountain
- Shade sails
- Majority rubber soft fall with sand around swingset
- Concrete road around play equipment for bikes/trikes/ scooters and has mini road signs

A bonus to all of that will be a big kids/adults obstacle course coming soon right next door! 

The new additions have got locals excited to give it a go, check out some of the photos!