Kerry O’Keeffe’s 6 Best Gags So Far

Skul had us in stitches!

Kerry O’Keeffe’s 6 Best Gags So Far

Kerry O’Keeffe is the captain of Triple M’s commentary team and famously one of the funniest men in cricket.

His commentary is littered with gags, and we’ve collected a few of his best ones here.

On Tim Paine’s unlucky run with injuries:


“Full credit to Tim Paine for just being out there after all the hand problems he’s had.

“I mean, there are alcoholic butchers with more fingers than Tim Paine!”


On Gus Worland’s commentary stint in the pool: 

“Gus is surrounded by five bikini clad women, all of them shouting ‘Where’s the lifeguard when you want one?’”


On Alastair Cook:

“Just on Cook, 11,000 runs, a lot in the bank, just the pick ups — I mean, lazy Uber drivers pick up less than Alastair Cook!”


On Cameron Bancroft’s girlfriend, Belinda Paris:

“If she brushes Bancroft and marries [England batsman] Dawid Malan, she’ll be Belinda Paris-Malan!”


On Isa Guha’s hangover on the morning of day five: 

“Remember the old roadmaps? Look at her eyes! Turn left at the next corner… her eyes are like an X-Ray! You can see veins!”


On Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow’s indiscretions:

“All I know is if you live in the north of England and you’re a blood nut, and you go out on the dribble, don’t work out on the heavy bag before you go!

“Can they get on the drink without punching people?"

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