Paul Roos Says The AFL “Have To Get Involved” To Keep Tom Lynch At Gold Coast

On the Sunday Rub

Paul Roos Says The AFL “Have To Get Involved” To Keep Tom Lynch At Gold Coast Image: AAP Image/Julian Smith

Paul Roos says that the AFL “have to get involved” to ensure star key forward Tom Lynch stays at Gold Coast.

Lynch’s future has been a hot topic this season, with several teams keen on his signature.

On the Sunday Rub ahead of Collingwood’s game against Fremantle, Roosy said that it was incumbent on the AFL to make sure Lynch stayed up north.



“The AFL have to get involved,” Roosy said.

“I don’t care how they get involved because let’s be honest, it’s a franchise. It’s an AFL franchise.

“We all know it’s a franchise so it’s not like it’s a surprise to anyone.

“I know Gil (McLachlan, CEO of the AFL) has to tread a fine line and I understand the complications… I mean they’re putting a lot of money in, so what’s wrong with Gil saying — within the confine of the rules, I’m not saying you go outside the salary cap — but they have to have him staying in Gold Coast.

“They have to.”

Roosy’s comments came as part of a broader discussion about Lynch’s future.



Lynch is a restricted free agent at the end of this season, meaning clubs can offer him a contract and the Suns have the right to try and match it.

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