Welcome To International Potato Chip Day

Who Makes This Stuff Up?

Welcome To International Potato Chip Day

I don't know who it was but I say thanks!

What's a BBQ, card game, picnic or get together of any sort without a few bags of chips?

Potato Chip Day is a celebration of the world’s best-loved snack, first created in the 19th century. Tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt was staying at Saratoga Springs in New York and kept on sending back his French fries because he said they were cut too thick.

Chef George Crum cut his spuds as thin as possible, initially as a joke – and the result was the world’s first potato chips. The snack’s popularity spread in the 1920s, when the first mass-produced packs went on sale.

As an indulgence potato chips are close to king, no matter what flavour you go for, and today on The Drive Home on Triple M I'd like to know your preference.

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