'Illegal' DIY Traffic Lines Appear At Sydney Black Spot Intersection

Fed up motorists get it sorted

'Illegal' DIY Traffic Lines Appear At Sydney Black Spot Intersection Image: Daily Telegraph

Overdue traffic upgrades has seen DIY painted traffic lines appear at an Ashfield black spot intersection.

Appearing last week at the meeting point of John and Frederick street in Sydney’s inner west, the addition of a 20 metre strip has reportedly seen considerable improvement to traffic flow, the Daily Telegraph reports.

While planned upgrades were approved by Ashfield Council way back in 2001, the project has been allegedly handballed between the council – now known as the Inner West Council  and the NSW State Government, who manage John St and Frederick St respectively.

Residents say a long campaign to progress the roadwork has fallen on deaf ears – despite 30 recorded injuries during the 2015-2016 financial year.

“We’ve have been trying to get the council to do something about the crossing for more than a decade and nothing’s been done,” said resident Rene Holmes.

“It’s one of the worst intersections in the area and it’s right on top of a pedestrian crossing.

“The lines are working and drivers are following them. To whoever painted it, I say who can blame them?”

A council spokesperson has spoken out against the “unauthorised and illegal” traffic lines, confirming they would in fact be removed.