Ever Wanted To Keep Bees?

Perfect time to start

Ever Wanted To Keep Bees?

The Beginners’ beekeeping workshop with Luke Fulton is a fun and relaxed morning with a mix of theory and hands on experience using both Langstroth and top-bar hives.

A few of these workshops have already run and they are still very popular!

Luke will explain:

what to expect in your first year

basic bee biology

the equipment needed and how to use it properly

what to look for while going through a hive

how to interact and care for the bees

Please bring a beekeeping suit and gloves if you have them!

If not, wear light coloured, long sleeved clothing, closed in shoes and bring a pair of gloves. There will be spare jackets and veils for those without protective clothing.


Fair Harvest

426 Carters Rd, Burnside


9.00am - 12.00pm

Contact: 0439 568 131