Poo Palace, Lung Loft Highlights Of HMRI Open Day

Expect some messy fun..

Poo Palace, Lung Loft Highlights Of HMRI Open Day Hunter Medical Research Institute

The Hunter Medical Research Institute is throwing open its doors today - offering a range of activities for the kids.

More than 3,000 people are expected to visit the HMRI Building on the John Hunter Hospital campus, to check out some pretty wild and wacky experiences.


Visitors can learn about the bacteria and viruses that inhabit the airway. They’ll be ‘sneezed-on’ with water, confronted with slime and who ‘nose’ what else, before combating the different bugs with nerf guns.


Children and adults will be taken on a sensory adventure through the gastro tract to highlight the importance of diet in gut health, while raising awareness on disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and bowel cancer.


Researchers will be playing mind games, literally, using a wireless EEG (electroencephalogram) helmet.

In one case, players control a Mario cartoon character with their mind, while a project called In The Clouds sees the colour of a cloud change from grey to white or white to stormy, again using EEG.

Physical activity researchers will make people work for their smoothie by riding a bike with blender attached.

They’ll also conduct health checks and kids sporting activities.

The SMART (Science, Maths And Real Technology) science shows, meanwhile, will include liquid nitrogen among other chemistry experiments.

Younger folk will be entertained with science-themed craft, colouring-in and reading.

They can pond-dip for bacteria, construct mechanical hands, or make DNA bracelets and edible petri dishes with sprinkles.

A Super Science program will exclusively target girls aged 10-15 who are interested in STEM. It includes a private backstage laboratory tour hosted by a superhero scientist.

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