GOOD NEWS: Torrential Rain For The Hunter

Marge, the rains are ere!

 GOOD NEWS: Torrential Rain For The Hunter

Brolly... check.

Gumboots... check.

Raincoat... check.

It's going to be a soggy couple of days here in Hunter and it's likely to fall where our farmers need it most.

Strong winds and widespread rainfall is forecast for the next few days across the coast and also in the valley, with some areas expecting up to 85 mils.

"For this time of year we'd see about 50 millimetres for parts of the Hunter falling over October and there is a chance that some places could see their monthly total fall over two days. Around the coast the total average is a little bit higher, around 70 millimetres... it's not just the coastal part that gets most of the rain", said Kim Westcott from Weatherzone.