School Bans Students From Ordering Tasty UberEats Lunches

Teachers say it's a massive safety risk

School Bans Students From Ordering Tasty UberEats Lunches Image: UberEats/Twitter

Looks like canteen lunches are top of the menu for one particular Adelaide school with students banned from ordering food via UberEats.

Marryatville High School Wellbeing and Student Services Senior Leader Julie Ferguson told the Adelaide Advertiser that “significant” risks to student safety from using the app-based food delivery service has prompted the move.

“It has come to our attention that some students are using (UberEats) to have food delivered to the school,” she said.

“It has been reported that drivers are delivering food on to school grounds and that some students are even leaving school to collect UberEats deliveries in neighbouring streets.

“This practice presents significant safety concerns, namely, student interaction with adults without appropriate supervision or screening, and students leaving school grounds without permission.”

The ban from the school was also reportedly shared with senior Year 12 students in a closed Facebook group.

The move has been echoed at a number of schools across the country, including Ocean Reef Senior School in Perth.

An UberEats spokesperson told the Triple M that customers must be over 18 to use the app.

They said: "If it comes to our attention that an account is being used by a person under the age of 18, we can and will take appropriate steps to prevent the account holder from accessing the UberEATS app."