Melbourne To Squeeze In Five Million By 2020

Would you move to the bush to make room?

Melbourne To Squeeze In Five Million By 2020

Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world, so it's no surprise it's also the fastest growing in Australia. But would you take one for the team, and move to the bush to help ease the crush in the suburbs?

New figures released from last years Census data shows if Melbourne's population keeps growing at its current rate, we'll have 5-million residents calling the city and it's surrounds home by 2020. Keep going, and we'll have 9-million by 2050. On Census night last year, there were 4.4-million people living here.

The boom has prompted a meeting of the Federal committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities in Melbourne for public hearings. They're trying to figure out how to encourage more people to move to regional areas, to spread the population growth.

In a submission to the enquiry, Professor Peter Newton from Swinburne University said leveling the spread of population won't work unless we build better transport links between Melbourne and regional centres.

"Twenty-first-century economies favour large cities and will continue to do so until provincial cities become part of a functional mega-metropolitan region centres on a major capital city," Prof Newton said. "Regional towns will only grow in popularity if the commute to the CBD is cut to 30 minutes".

That all said, the plan might be many decades away, in a future where there's plenty of room on our V/Line trains and every service runs on time.