Esperance wants mobile phones banned in schools!

Triple M poll on Facebook

Esperance wants mobile phones banned in schools!

It seems the overwhelming majority of Esperance people would prefer a smartphone ban in our schools. According to a Triple M Facebook poll over 90% of participants would be for banning the devices in high schools. 

The poll was conducted after calls from industry experts to ban phones in school in order to, they say, reduce classroom distraction and bullying through social media. 89% of kids in schools admitted to using their devices in class at some stage or another, which is an alarming result. 

A smartphone ban has been tried before around the world with remarkable success. France made the movie last month and although it is too early to see if it has been a success, initial indicators suggest teachers are having a better time. 

To have your say and access the Triple M poll, click on to the Triple M Esperance Facebook page. 

Or listen to what Sean had to say about it on the Breaky Show on Monday morning.