Shake it up-

Restructuring the Blowes Clothing Cup

Shake it up-

In the biggest shake up since 2005, the Central West Rugby Union (CWRU) board is set to implement a new competition structure for the Blowes Clothing, and GrainCorp Cups, for 2018 and 2019. 

CWRU Chief Executive Officer Peter Veenstra, made the long awaited announcement, following consultation with the clubs, after concerns were raised at the mid-year review meeting. 

The outcome has led the board of the CWRU to reconstruct the current competition, introducing a second tier:

The Blowes Clothing Cup will remain on top, to be made up of six Clubs with First and Second grades and Under 20's Colts, with an optional Third Grade. 

Yet to be named, a second competition, made up of six Clubs, with First Grade and Second Grade. 

While the Graincorp Cup will be simplified to North and South, from the previous three pool arrangement.

Women's competitions will be organised according to the same structure. 

Following the completion of the Finals, the Board will determine where the Clubs will be positioned.

Next years draw will be released, before the Annual General Meeting on November 12th.