Program For Bendigo White Night Released

Over 50 events for 7 hour spectacular

Program For Bendigo White Night Released

The inaugural Bendigo White Night is set to pay homage to the transformation of the city during the gold rush as well as the Dreamtime stories from the Dja Dja Wurrung.

The program for the event was announced today for the September 1st visual and cultural spectacular with over 50 displays to be present in three zones across the CBD.

Zone 1 encompasses View St and Rosalind Park, Charing Cross and Bath Lane are in Zone 2 while Pall Mall and Hargreaves Mall make up the majority of zone 3.

Some of the highlights include the city's trams being used for drag queens and the story of Fortuna Villa being projected onto the T&G building on View St.

The state government's expecting around 5 million dollars to be generated by the night with more than 60 thousand people flocking to the city - similar to the turnout Ballarat saw earlier in the year.

Get the full run down of events at the White Night website.