WATCH: 68-Year-Old Retiree Rocks Out To AC/DC

How good!

WATCH: 68-Year-Old Retiree Rocks Out To AC/DC Image: YouTube/Screenshot

A 68-year-old retiree has absolutely wowed the Britain's Got Talent judges, with an incredible rendition of AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell'. 

Jenny Darren took the stage at the auditions and stunned everyone by letting loose, dancing around the stage BUT most importantly nailing the vocals to the Aussie classic. 


The video was uploaded to YouTube in April and has since garnered almost six million views (plus many more across other social media platforms). 

Although, Darren's story doesn't end there as it turns out she actually toured with the Aussie rock band in 1977.

"I was with AC/DC in the afternoon for the sound check and I just looked at my band and I said ‘we have to change the style of the music, guys, to fit in with this band,'” Darren reminisced on Good Morning Britain

"So at the end of it we were sounding a bit more like AC/DC. I loved them.

"And that’s why actually fundamentally I became a rock singer – having to fit in to their style. That’s how it happened."